Uniswap: Day 1

The pools V2 and V3

This week we are digging into Uniswap V3. We start with a comparison between the pools created on V2 and V3.

From this first visual, it is clear that the 0.3% fee tier has the most pools and is followed closely by the exotic 1% tier. Roughly 2.8k pairs total on V3. How about V2?

V2 obviously has more pools because its been around longer. But, look at the increase in pools recently on V2. It looks like pool creation has been accelerating since the launch of V3.

In fact, there have been 10k pools created on V2 since the launch of V3. 🧐

Diving deeper into the facts, V2 is creating pools at a rate of 180/day whereas V3 is only producing 49/day.

That said, in the same time V2 had only created 1.6k pairs and V3 has about 2.8k already so it is moving faster than V2 did, but not as fast as V2 currently.