Terra virtua: Day 1

Terra virtua and NFTs

In this thread today, let's look at another really interesting NFT project -@terra_virtua

It intends to make NFTs mainstream with an immersive experience.

Around 70% of the NFTs minted are still unsold. 25% of all TVNFTs sold are held by just 8 addresses & more than 20% of these are with the top 5 addresses!

One important metric to consider is the gas spent by the platform. Well, around $1.06M in gas fees has been spent by TVNFT contract, with $1M in 2021 only! #NFTcraze

$4620.64 was spent on 1 txn on 15th Mar,21. Volumes were also the highest on the same day! So what was really happening on that day?

The native token of Terra Virtua, $TVK hit ATH of $1.14 on 15th March, and saw peak volume! This was actually when Godzilla vs Kong NFTs were minted & sold

"Godzilla vs. Kong was a really imp. event that generated a lot of hype. The event allowed anyone to purchase fan NFTs and use them in Terra Virtua ecosystem! It would be interesting to see how the project performs with their upcoming launch of NFT-only graphic novel on 26th May!

This thread was prepared by @jas_jaski and you can read more about it on this @Globalcoinrsrch article that he wrote here: https://globalcoinresearch.com/2021/05/18/terra-virtua-the-mega-metaverse/