Social Tokens: Day 4

Digging deeper into KARMA

Since KARMA was so hugely affected by the roll hack, we’re taking a closer look at the data around March 14th, 2021. The biggest finding here is that one of the largest KARMA whales disappears overnight (look at the orange bubble).

Before the hack, this address's balance was 32,034,910,000 KARMA. And after the hack, it is gone. Just before the hack coincides with the peak wallet value for this address.

Looking closer, we found that the last activity (39 days ago) is a spike in token transfers to other contract addresses -some carrying over one hundred different tokens. This graph shows that spike in reference to the days before it.

To get a better idea of this spike, we looked at the transfers out on March 13 and on March 14 (hack). The difference is 10 different tokens vs. 355. The different colours of this chart correspond to all the different tokens that were transferred. What do you make of this?