Social Tokens: Day 1

What are the $WHALE holders up to?

This week we are diving into social tokens. Starting with $WHALE - a social currency that is backed by #NFTs. This first visual shows the momentum and growth in token holders since inception last year. Do you own any $WHALE?

This second visual shows the relative balance of each $WHALE token holder. There are certainly some whales in the mix - although the growth has been quite steady since inception.

What else are the top $WHALE wallets holding? Please note, this visual excludes the pink wallet from the last visual because it was a very large contract with many other holdings. We were interested in the individuals holding $WHALE.

This is another series run by the @Covalent_HQ Alchemists. The entire week will be visuals researched and created by @laniledingham and @jas_jaski.