NFTs: Day 1

Cryptopunks by Larva Labs

Hello all 🤗! It's been a minute since we looked at NFTs, so this week we're diving back into the art world 🎨. Today, we're looking at one of the most popular collections of all time: #Cryptopunks, created by Larvalabs.

The first chart depicts the volume of sales this year from Cryptopunks bought and sold on Opensea. We thought it would be cool to show total volume against highest daily sales, which interestingly have different peaks.

The highest recorded #Cryptopunk sale was on March 11, for a whopping 4200 Eth 🤯💸. Only a handful of other sales were valued at over a million USD.

This chart depicts the relative values of Cryptopunks bought in 2021. The center outlier is clear, but values get more homogenous towards the edges of the chart. Many of these punks sold in the 50-100 Ether range. 📊