FEI Genesis: Day 3

Who owned what after 1-week?

The visuals below show the $FEI distributed to genesis holders compared to what was in their wallets 1-week post-launch. 64% of FEI genesis holders no longer held any of their position within the first week.

Similar story for TRIBE. 52% of genesis holders no longer had any in their wallets within a week. There are some interesting outliers in both charts and we will dissect those soon through our long-form counterpart AlphaResponse.

For now, what are your thoughts on them?

This chart breaks it down by wallet size groupings (see down below for the legend). There are many places this $FEI and $TRIBE could have gone (staking probably, maybe selling). Really interesting to see that the largest whales actually didn't move much $FEI though.

For some context: Yesterday and the day before, we looked at who contributed to the FEI genesis event. Today we look at what they received and what they were holding 1-week post-launch. Tomorrow we will look at where that difference went.

The $FEI genesis event let you select what ratio of FEI/TRIBE that you wanted. We decided to break that ratio down by wallet size. Interestingly, and understandably, the whales redeemed about 2x the $FEI per $TRIBE compared to the regular folk.

This chart is not great for any trend analysis because the axes are different, but it is helpful to see exactly how much each wallet-size received. It mostly just contextualizes the rest of the analysis.

Here is the legend to go along with the above charts.

This is a bit of a longer analysis than the usual #AlphaAlarm but it isn't finished yet. We still need to look at exactly where all of this $FEI and $TRIBE went... Feel free to chime in and leave your thoughts. More to come.