FEI Genesis: Day 1

Who participated in the genesis?

This week we are dissecting the $FEI / $TRIBE genesis event. This first chart shows the dissociation between wallet size (left) and genesis contributions (right). You'd expect the majority of users to contribute in proportion to their wallet size. This did not happen.

If users had contributed in proportion to their wallet size then the charts would look similar. The chart on the right shows that a bunch of users either made special addresses for this event or brought in significant capital specifically for this event.

Here is a legend for the above chart so you can see how the groupings were formed. The bubble charts spiral from Group 1 on the inside to Group 10 on the outside.

For some more context on what the groupings look like: There were only 66 contributors with wallets larger than $5M. The largest group by contribution was in the $1M - $5M range having deposited more than $320M into the genesis contract.

Also of note, the total contribution from Group 9 (wallet size $5K - $500) was about equal to that of Group 2 (wallet size $5M - $10M). This will become important later in the week when we show who immediately sold their entire genesis position...

We went deep on this one so please share it around and give any comments that you have! At the end of the week, we will publish the data set.