BinanceChain: Day 2

PancakeSwap Assets, top pair and BUNNY

Here we're looking at the minute-by-minute swaps of the top pair on PancakeSwap; WBNB-BUSD. There were about 90,000 swaps this week of this pair! The top day was May 28 with 9,736 BUSD/WBNB and 8,710 WBNB/BUSD.

Using the API we can also look at the top assets on PancakeSwap by 24-hour swap count. This is an interesting pull from May 21, 2021, where WBNB-BUSD and WBNB-BUNNY both had over 20,000 swaps!

This BUNNY hop (pardon the pun) is cool because on May 21 the token was restored after a flash loan attack on May 19. It appears now that PancakeBunnyFinance is recovering well and is in the top 10 pairs.

Since PancakeSwap Analytics is lagging a bit, this API call is a simple way to see daily activity, without bouncing around to different sites. The Covalent API can also fetch SushiSwap, Aave, Compound, and Uniswap Assets.